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123.hp.com/oj4650 to the System using a USB cable. Connect one end of the cable to the printer’s rear and the other end to the system. Examine if the printer’s name displays after connection. If it does not display, type the printer’s name. Select the printer’s name and then try to print. If you need more assistance regarding the HP 4650 setup, call our technical support team.

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Driver issues

When you try 123.hp.com/oj4650 for the first time, but unable to install it and an error message pops up. In such cases, call our customer support team to solve the issue and download the latest driver from this website.

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It’s not a matter in any location you are, we solve the printer problems of our customer through remote assistance. Dial our toll- free number and get connected to our technical expert who provides you guidelines and assists to solve the issue.

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Complete 123.hp.com/oj4650 Support

When you purchase the HP Officejet 4650 Printer, the first step is unboxing. Without performing the unboxing, further steps cannot be done with the printer. The steps done during the unboxing are removing the packing materials from the printer’s surroundings, connecting the power plug, installing the ink cartridges, loading the paper into the input tray and installing the ink cartridges. Use the Software CD or download the HP Officejet 4650 Driver from this website to install the driver.

Unboxing & Setting Up 4650 printer

Unboxing is one of the fundamental steps done after purchasing the 123.hp.com/oj4650 printer. While doing the process, examine if contents in the box are present.

  •   Open the box. Remove all packing materials from the printer’s surrounding and take the printer out of the box.
  •   Plug in the power cable to the HP 4650 Setup and turn it on. Install the ink cartridges into respective slots for quality printouts.
  •   Load sheets of paper into the input tray. Adjust the guides. Wait till the printer prints an alignment page.

Download Free OJ4650 Driver & Manual

To perform the basic tasks, you need to download a compatible driver for the printer. Check if the disc has a supportive driver before you install it. It is advisable to update the drivers time and again. Access the complete printer functionality, once you download the full-feature driver. You can download the driver for your system from our website. Make a note that to download the driver, you must have the CD that came with the printer. If you have lost the CD, do not panic. Go to the link on our website to download the 123.hp.com/oj4650 software for your PC.

Free Download OJ4650 Driver

A driver is necessary for a printer to provide communication. Various types of drivers are compatible with the printer. The drivers are full feature driver, basic driver and plug and play. The most 123.hp.com/oj4650 printer does not support full feature driver. In such cases, use the Basic driver to avail the basic functions of the printer.

Free Download OJ4650 Manual

The user manual will provide you with the necessary information to HP 4650 Setup your printer and troubleshoot a printer issue. The user manual will be provided with your printer package. If you lose it, you can also download the same from our website. You can gain this knowledge by going through the user manual which will walk you through the setup procedures.

Fast Mobile Printing Support for Officejet 4650 Printer

HP 4650 Setup

AirPrint Setup

The foremost step is to check if you have an Apple iOS device running on iOS 4.2 or later and check if your HP Printer supports Air print. It is mandatory to connect the printer to the same network as Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. If necessary, check the Updates section of the App Store.

HP 4650 ePrint

ePrint Setup

Check if the wireless feature is on. Once you turn on the Web Services, make sure that you wait for the printer to print the Important HP 4650 Setup Instructions page. Turn on the Web Services and if you find any delay in printing the information page, turn off the Web Services and then turn it on again.

HP 4650 Cloud Print

Cloud Print Setup

It is mandatory to set up your 123.hp.com/oj4650 printer with Google Cloud Print from a computer or mobile device to print with Google Cloud Print app. You can print from an Apple iOS device as well but first Google Cloud Print must be set up from a Chromebook or computer.

What are the Common Queries for HP 4650 Printer?

How to use Fax on 4650 Printer?

While setting up the fax machine, phone cable is required to connect the printer and answering machine. Send the document you need to fax from either the scanner glass or from the ADF. Make certain changes to the fax settings from the printer’s control panel. The settings are including the contact list, set the Answer Mode option, rings to answer. After settings, try to print a fax report to examine whether the HP 4650 Setup process is successful. Readmore…

How to Scan on Officejet 4650 Printer?

Scanning is the process of converting the paper into paperless document. Place the printed document on the scanner glass or into the Automatic Document Tray. Do the necessary settings on the printer’s control panel. Press the Scan button on the printer. Wait till the scanned document is viewed on the screen. Save the scanned document as PDF, docx, JPEG, GIF format. Send the scanned document to the printer’s email address. Readmore…

How to Install Ink Cartridge on Officejet 4650?

It is advised to use genuine and compatible ink cartridges for the printer. In case the ink cartridge does not support, you may face cartridge issues. 123.hp.com/oj4650 is one of the primary steps to be followed during the first time for HP 4650 Setup.

How to Change Ink Cartridge on HP 4650?

Due to low ink level and unauthentic ink cartridges, replacement of ink cartridges are necessary. Refilling is not suggested in most cases. But by doing the refilling process is a cost-effective method. To avoid such cases, change the ink cartridges immediately when the message displays.

How to Connect HP 4650 to My Computer?

Connect the printer to a system using the USB cable. Connect one end of the cable to the printer’s rear and the other end to the system. Wait till the printer’s name displays on the list of available devices. If it is not displayed, disconnect and reconnect it for a secure connection.


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