How to Fax on HP Officejet 4650 Printer?

Faxing is the process of sending or receiving documents from a printer to fax-enabled devices via a landline connection. Fax your documents either from the HP Officejet 4650 Scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder. It is suggested not to insert any thin sheets of paper into the tray to avoid printer related issues. It is possible only to send a single document at a time. Know How to Fax on HP Officejet 4650 on your printer, use a telephone cable to connect the printer and telephone. Examine if the cable is supported by the printer. If not, use a suitable one. Set the fax volume, dial volume, rings to answer from the printer’s control panel. Add the contacts details from the control panel using the numeric keypad available in the printer.

Fax Requirements for Officejet 4650 Printer

Get the telephone cord that is available in the printer’s shipment box. If it is unavailable, use a cord with connectors that have two wires.

  •   Plug in one end of the phone cable to the phone wall jack and the other end to the 1-LINE jack on the printer’s rear.
  •   If there is a telephone, plug in phone cable to the machine and to the 2-EXT jack on the printer’s rear.

How to Send a fax from 4650 Printer?

How to Fax on HP Officejet 4650 Printer? – Insert a document into the ADF tray or place it on the HP Officejet 4650 Scanner glass according to the engraved guides on the glass.

  •   Ensure that the phone line is not in use. Check for the dial tone to the connected phone. Dial the receiving fax number.
  •   Press Black, Color or Send to send the HP Officejet 4650 Fax. Wait til the fax report prints. This indicates whether the fax process is completed.

How to Receive a fax from 4650 Printer?

After setting up the fax, the printer receives the fax automatically. The received fax can be sent to the email address or can be printed.

  •   Receive the fax manually by pressing the fax button on the printer’s control panel while receiving it.
  •   Select the Auto Answer Mode option after a specified number of rings. Choose the Rings to Answer option if necessary to receive a fax.

What are the Common HP Officejet 4650 Fax Setup Queries?

When setting up the fax for the first time, there may be various queries regarding how to send or receive fax, what are the ways of sending faxes. All the answers for the fax related queries are given below. If you have any issues with the printer, feel free to call our technical support team at our toll-free number.

Where do you get a fax number?

  •   If you need a toll-free fax number, the Internet Service Providers offers it. For Online Fax number, get from online fax service providers.
  •   Most online fax service providers provide the fax service with a local number. For more guidance, call our technical support team.

Do you have to dial 1 before sending a fax?

  •   The how to fax on HP Officejet 4650 feature works on the normal telephone network. It is similar to dialing a phone number. Use the numeric keypad to dial it.
  •   When you send within the country, dialing ‘1’ is not required and when you send outside the country, dialing ‘1’ is required

Can you send a fax from Outlook?

  •   Create a new email in Outlook. Type the subject and message as for an email. Type the recipient number on the recipient’s field.
  •   The format is fax number @ email address. Add any attachments such as documents or PDF to the email if necessary. Click Send.

 Can you send a fax without a phone line?

  •   There are certain apps that support faxing without a phone line. Using a dedicated phone line may be costly. In such cases, use the app.
  •   This app should be compatible with the system. After installing, upload and scan the document that you intend to scan. Type the number and then send a fax.
How to Fax on HP Officejet 4650

Can you send a fax using WIFI?

  •   Prior to sending the fax document, examine if the printer supports Wi-Fi fax capability. The connected machines can send Fax to any network.
  •   It needs a physical connection to a landline phone line and the Wireless connection should be between the computer and fax machine.

Can you send a text message to a fax machine?

  •   To know how to fax on HP Officejet 4650. Type the text message on your smartphone. Type the fax number in the recipient’s number and select the To field.
  •   Ensure that you use the area code. Examine if the message is within the text box. Click the Send option on your mobile phone.

How to Send & Receive Faxes by Email

  •   Log in to the account that can send a fax by email. Select the SEND faxes option on the main account page. Type the recipient address. Attach the documents to the email address and then Send Fax.
  •   To receive the HP 4650 Fax, sign up to the fax email account. Navigate to the inbox page and select the open your new fax option. Select the fax attachments to open and view the fax pages.

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